Gordon MacLellan

Headshot of Gordon MacLellenBased in Buxton in Derbyshire, Gordon’s company Creeping Toad sets out to find ways of helping people explore and express their relationship with the world around them. A writer, visual artist and storyteller, Gordon mixes media to give people tools to work with and voices to speak with. Touring the Highlands at least twice a year, Gordon draws on his west coast heritage to tell stories of mountains and sea, of selkies and brownies.

“I believe,” says Gordon, “that we live in a world worth celebrating. When I tell stories, I hope that those stories will inspire people to look a little more closely at the everyday places, plants and animals that surround us. For me, stories are there to inspire people to enjoy the world around them”.

You can find out more about Gordon here: https://creepingtoad.com/