Heather Yule

Heather Yule posing in woodland with a harp

Heather Yule grew up surrounded by storytelling, music, theatre and literature.  When she was seven years old her mother, Dr Barbara McDermitt, began her PhD on folk narrative at Edinburgh University. Over the following years Heather was very fortunate to be taken by her mother on numerous recording trips. These included visiting the Gaelic tradition bearer Nan MacKinnon on the island of Vatersay in the Outer Hebrides; the master storytellers from the Scottish Traveller tradition, such as Stanley Robertson, Duncan Williamson and Betsy Whyte; and the Appalachian storyteller Ray Hicks in the USA.  
As a teenager, Heather began learning the clarsach (Scottish traditional harp) and later started to develop her own unique way of combining traditional storytelling with this instrument.  Heather is a long established accredited member of the Scottish Storytelling Directory and has traveled all over Scotland and abroad, including Iceland, Norway, Poland and North America, performing, teaching and leading workshops.