Ruth Kirkpatrick

Ruth Kirkpatrick portrait

Ruth is one of Scotland’s leading storytellers, a charismatic live performer and a highly regarded singer.

Born in the North East of Scotland, Ruth is widely seen as a Tradition Bearer, having been lucky enough to ‘sit at the knee’ of the great storytellers which Scotland has borne: Sheila Stewart, Duncan Williamson, Stanley Robertson and David Campbell.

She has a broad repertoire of stories and songs from Traditional and local Traveller sources. More recently she has experimented with biographical storytelling, and this year performed a sell out show about the life, songs and poetry of Robbie Burns. She has worked for over 30 years in social work listening to people’s stories and has been professionally telling for 17 years.

Ruth’s project and publication, ‘Stories Allways’ successfully develops innovative ways to use storytelling with children and families who have emotional and social needs. Her real strength is in forming a warm, authentic rapport with her audience, respecting the tradition but also giving her performance a loving, feisty sparkle. This makes her a popular guest at festivals worldwide, from the glaciers of Iceland to the bookshops of India.

“It’s the jewels from your experience and the poetic language you drop in that opens the heart to join the mind.”